fitpiqs services and offerings at a glance

We cater to

Lean Fast Plan
Bridal Plan
Reverse PCOD/PCOS Plan
Lower Cholesterol Plan
Diabetes Plan
Hypertension Plan
Preg/Post Pregnancy Plan
Detox Plan
Fitness Plan
Group Workouts
Keto Plan
Yoga & Meditation

Choose the perfect plan

Fitpiq’s have multiple plans for our offerings diet, exercise and keto program based on your goals and requirements. Talk to a certified coach today to know more. For more information click here  


₹ 1000*

Per month


₹ 2000*

Per month

fitpiqs, Starting

₹ 4000*

Per month

  • Program prices may vary depending upon the tenure of the program. you can also direct connect with Dr. Sneha Chopra