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Team – Fitpiq, we believe in making health a priority for people. Hence we believe in making fitness and healthy eating a gamification process. We think unique, we thrive for excellence and we are go getters. 

Dr Sneha Chopra
Dr Sneha Chopra

In today’s internet Era, everyone knows everything. When Google baba knows it all and present the right information to you at the right time, its often very easy to get lost while searching for a weight loss solution. Thats where coaching and mentoring comes into play. 🥇

I feel, the 3 essential aspects towards lifestyle management or to lose weight is to have a goal (essentially your tangible target), a checkpoint system or timely monitoring (so that you feel answerable) & most important a source of motivation (a mentor). When all 3 blend in together, your success is bound to happen. 😁🙌

A good coach can train you well, but a great coach will make this process & the journey enjoyable & beautiful for you… 

Hence I founded FITPIQ, which implements 3 core values in its coaching system – SETTING THE RIGHT GOAL, CREATING TIMELY MONITORING & DELIVERING BEST MENTORSHIP.. To know more about us, visit us on fitpiq & lets connect. 🤝

Team - Fitpiq

Dr Ishu Sharma Mamgain is a gold medallist Dental surgeon and a Certified Yoga Instructor registered with the Ministry of Ayush, India, and internationally with Yoga Alliance USA. She has a profound knowledge about human anatomy & physiology thus paving the way to therapeutic aspects of Yoga. She is well versed in all forms of Yoga , Pranayamas & Meditation. She believes that Yoga connects our mind, body, and soul, leading to healthy living.

She is a consultant in nutrition and dietetics. Done her post graduate degree of masters in Foods and Nutrition. She has 8 years of experience in the field of Nutrition. Mehar believes the right habits play the most crucial role in one’s health and wellness journey. “Losing weight is a game of patience, determination & a never give up attitude”, according to Mehar Jamil. As a Dietitian, she is passionate about people understanding the importance of diet & nutrition in their lives. Also, Nutrition Science can do wonders. 

Aarti Sehgal believes the right habits play the most crucial role in one’s health and wellness journey. “A good diet & exercise regime not only changes your body. Aarti is a graduate in Fashion Designing from one of India’s leading fashion academy Pearl Academy, New Delhi. She has an extensive experience working in the fashion industry.

 Priya Anand is a clinical nutritionist. She has completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. She has expertise in Diabetes, kidney diseases, weight management and other lifestyle-based conditions. She believes that diet is the essential key to all successful healing.

Meghana Anand is a clinical nutritionist. She has done Masters in Food and Nutrition. She has also worked with Max Hospital, New Delhi, Sir Gangaram hospital, New Delhi, and has worked with patients with lifestyle-based conditions. Her philosophy is ” Understanding food more than just a source of the nutrient is a must”.

Sumana Chakraborty is working with Fitpiq as a Yoga Coach. She has completed her certification teacher training in Yoga with a 2 yrs diploma course from the world yoga society. Her passion is to help people explore the real essence of true and authentic Yoga. She is a 1 on 1 yoga coach as well as conducts group classes with Fitpiq.