Eggplant lasagne is a low-carb recipe. Lasagna is an Italian dish. In this recipe, pasta sheets in lasagna are replaced by roasted eggplant slices as they are low in carbs. It gives you absolute flavor and taste which is needed in lasagne but without the noodles. This recipe is healthy as well as delicious. It is a mouth-watering recipe. You can have this eggplant lasagna for dinner with your favorite salad.


  • Eggplant- 3 to 4
  • Egg – 1
  • Ricotta
  • Shredded mozzarella -1 cup
  • Parmesan cheese- ¼ cup
  • Crushed garlic- 3-4 cloves
  • Thawed Spinach- 10 ounces
  • Chopped parsley or basil- 1tbsp
  • Kosher salt – 2 tbsp
  • Black pepper- ½ tsp
  • Olive oil – 1 tbsp


Firstly, slice the eggplant into long slices about ½ inch thick. (You don’t have to peel the eggplant before slicing).

After that,  salt the eggplant and leave it for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, wipe off the excess moisture from it and make it dry.

Then brush the eggplant slices with olive oil and roast them in the oven for 400 degrees for 20 minutes until the slices become soft.

Now, prepare the filling. For this, take a mixing bowl and put the beaten egg with ricotta, parmesan cheese, mozzarella, garlic, oregano, spinach, parsley, and basil.

Add some kosher salt and black pepper to it and mix well.

Then, take a baking dish and pour pasta red sauce on the bottom and spread it.

Arrange eggplant slices on the bottom of the baking dish. Then, spread a layer of ricotta filling and then a layer of pasta sauce and repeat the process one more time.

And then, top the final layer of sauce with ½ cup mozzarella cheese and ¼ cup parmesan cheese.

Finally, cover the baking dish with foil and bake it in the oven at 375 degrees F for 20 minutes until the cheese is melted nicely and became golden brown.

Now give 10 minutes to let everything settle down then cut it and garnish with basil or parsley.


You can prepare the roasted eggplant and filling one day before and refrigerate it to use the next day. It will save you time the next day.

You can refrigerate this eggplant lasagna for up to 4 days and reheat it when want to eat it.

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