Egg ramen bowl

How to cook dish Egg ramen bowl

Egg ramen bowl is a great recipe, for a quick and easy breakfast. Egg ramen bowl is full of nutrition and will work magically on one’s palette. It looks cute, contains well-managed portions and there is no compromise on taste as well.

Well, gym-going people are advised to increase their daily protein intake. This recipe will suit them a lot. The egg ramen bowl calories prime focus is protein. The egg ramen bowl will fulfill hunger pangs and also help in building muscles with fast recovery post-training.

Adults and kids will really love it a lot. This recipe will remain the same for children but while serving it to the kids go easy on spices. It can be served as a quick lunch or dinner recipe for everyone.


Sesame oil – 1 tsp

Shitake mushroom- Twenty gms

Light soya sauce – 15 ml

Salt – as per taste

Red chili flakes- 0.5 tsp

Black sesame seeds – 1/2 tsp

White sesame seeds- Half tsp

Whole wheat noodles- 200 gm

Chicken 100 gm

Chicken bone broth- 500 ml

Ginger- Fifteen gms

Carrot- Half piece

Celery- a few

Spring onion – 60 gm

Garlic 14 gm

Egg – 2

Green cabbage- 0.25 cups

Serves- 2 people


Firstly, heat the oil in a saucepan.

Besides, keep eggs, noodles, and chicken for boiling separately.

Then, add ingredients such as onions, ginger, garlic, and celery and saute for a minute.

Furthermore, add the chicken broth.

Well, add soy sauce, and simmer for a minute.

Check the seasoning in the mixture also.

Keep a check on egg, noodles, and chicken as well. Keep them all aside when done. Also, keep the chicken broth.

Now, take the strained noodles and place them in the bottom of a fresh bowl.

In addition, proceed to garnish the bowl with the Carrot, Cabbage, and pieces of some chicken. Then, add halved boiled egg and pour the hot chicken broth, into the bowl.

Garnish with items like- sprinklings of sesame seeds, chili flakes , and spring onion greens.

Finally, serve hot and enjoy the bowl!

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