How to make Kashmiri Goshtaba

Goshtaba’ or gostaba is a flavorsome dish made from minced mutton meatballs in a curd-based gravy. This traditional dish is full of authentic Kashmiri flavors. It is so good that it’ll leave you wanting for more.This traditional dish is full of authentic Kashmiri flavors.

If you have been to Kashmir and tried this dish, you probably know why it is so special. And if not, you should still definitely try it out at home. You can also try Kashmiri haak, Lyodur Tschman

So here we come with an authentic recipe of Kashmiri Goshtaba in easy steps.


  • For Making balls, mutton minced 500 gms
  • Mutton Fat 100 gms OR You can use 2 eggs
  • Green Cardamom 4 nos
  • Salt 1/2 tsp
  • Chilled Water 2 cups
  • Mutton Stock 1 litre


  • Curd 750 gms
  • Water 1/2 litre
  • Green cardamom ,crushed 3 nos
  • Cinnamon Stick 1 nos
  • Fennel Powder 1 tbsp
  • Dry Ginger Powder 1 tsp
  • Nicely Chopped Garlic 3 nos
  • Dry Mint Leaves 1 tbsp
  • Pure Ghee 2 tbsp
  • Brown Onion paste 1 tbsp
  • Salt or as per taste 1 tsp
  • For Garnish,Brown Onion Slice 1 tsp
  • Kesar Strings 3-4 nos
  • Fresh Mint Leaves 6-8 nos


  • Dip the mutton fat in chilled water and keep aside. And if you are using eggs, then don’t use mutton fat and chilled water, Just minced the meat and add eggs into it.
  • Take the minced mutton on chopping board add green cardamom seeds and salt and continue mince add gradually chilled water mutton fat also (squeeze out water) minced till soft and creame
  • Boil mutton stock in a pot now switch of gas, cover it and keep aside it
  • Now make balls of mutton mince and drop on hot mutton stock
  • Take curd in another pan and whisked well not even lumps in this
  • Now add salt, green cardamom seeds and cinnamon stick and keep on gas to cook
  • Once boil in curd mixture add mutton balls in it from Mutton stock
  • Now add nicely chopped garlic, fennel and dry ginger powder in a bowl and seive this and add this mixture in curd mixture and cook
  • After a minute add brown onion paste in this
  • Cook untill required consistency of shorba
  • Now add dry mint leaves Powder in it mix and cook
  • Heat ghee in other pan and add this in curd mixture carefully.
  • Now Kashmiri Goshtaba is ready to serve
  • At time to serve, sprinkle some kesar strings, brown onion slice and mint leaves over the top
  • Serve hot with Kashmiri zafraan rice or Naan

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