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Lockdown Weight: How to reduce- A comprehensive Guide

Lockdown weight is something that the majority of us have experienced during this pandemic. The lockdown period has been really difficult for everyone. Not only for adults but also for school-going and college-going students. Who would have thought that one day, our country would come under a complete state of lockdown? And we will not be able to go out, or meet anyone, or even perform our usual activities.

With everyone being at home, all under the same roof, we surely got a lot of family time. Moreover, many of us learned new hobbies and many of us also practiced our long-lost hobbies. Everyone got used to the comfortable lifestyle. With school classes going online, even examinations were online, to offices opting for work-from-home. We all got a lot of comfort with the lockdown lifestyle.

With the gyms getting closed, and open spaces getting locked, we all stayed at home and still many offices and schools are not back on-site. Staying at home impacted our eating habits and our physical activity pattern. You might have put up some extra kilos during the lockdown. Many would have gained weight, and many would have also shed weight during this lockdown period.

No, that you have gained those extra kilos, you must be having thought about how to reduce that weight.

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Let’s discuss some ways that will help you reduce lockdown weight.

1 Set up a routine to reduse lockdown weight

Yes, you read it right. It is very important to set and follow a routine. Our body is set to work in a certain manner. When we disturb that momentum, the body tries to adjust according to that. Now, it might reduce your metabolism, or increase your metabolism, depending upon the activity and the routine you set for it.

So, it is better to set a routine and follow that up. Try to sleep at a time, and wake up at the time. So that your body clock can work properly. Make sure to have your meals on time. Furthermore, try to take out some time for physical activity. When you set such kind of regime, your body will adapt to it.

2 Reduce extra calories

Being at home, we all tried new recipes. Be it the Algona coffee challenge, or making momos, or our favorite gol-gappas and other snacks at home. We all were eating and making our favorite dishes at home. Many of you might be new-found chefs buy now!

Well, let’s use that chef talent and curate our meals in such an order that they are not very high in calories. A wholesome, nutrient-dense yet low on calorie meal is perfect. Reducing calories along with performing physical activity will surely show you the results that you are looking for.

Include more fruits and salads in your diet. Instead of soft drinks and drinks that are high in sugars, try to have healthy options. For instance, you can opt for buttermilk, or lemonade, or mint mojitos, and coconut water.

Substitute your fried and oily snacks with healthier options. You can have murmurs chaat, or makhana bhel, sprouts or can try different soups.

Try to eat less processed foods, especially foods high in salt, sugar, and fat. Always look up to the food labels of the foodstuffs before purchasing. Make a healthy choice!

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3 Practice mindful eating to reduse lockdown weight

It is very important to practice mindful eating. Eat only the amount of food, that you are hungry for. Do not try to put extra food on your plate.

We generally try to exceed our hunger. If our favorite dish is prepared, we usually end up eating more. Well, you need to monitor that. Eat-in moderation, and along with that enjoy your food too.  Always remember, that moderation is the key.

For instance, let’s say that you are in a buffet. And there are a lot of options from which you can choose. Or you’re at a party where you see a variety of food options. Try not to get overwhelmed with all those food options. Eat only that much amount in which you will feel satiated. You don’t need to fill up your plate with extra Kcals. Here, you need to practice mindful eating. If you do that, you will surely be able to enjoy your food without feeling guilty about it.

Controlling the portion size is one of the best ways to follow mindful eating. When your stomach says that it’s full, listen to it and do not binge on extra food. That is the signal you should look for, and keep your plate down!

4 Increase physical activity

We all are a little too comfortable with the lockdown lifestyle that, now when we think of performing physical activity, we feel like giving up. Well, do not fall for giving up an option. You’ve got this.

Let’s discuss a few ways in which you can incorporate physical activity into your sedentary lifestyle.

  • Use stairs in place of lift whenever possible.
  • Try to place your belongings far from your reach. So, every time you need something, you get up and walk to the grab your things.
  • When working or studying, follow this simple rule. Work for 55 minutes, and walk or stretch for 5 minutes. Follow the same every hour. If you follow this, and let’s say you work for 6 hours, you will be unknowingly performing physical activity for 30 minutes in a day. You can dance on your favorite song, or can brisk walk for 5 minutes. Furthermore, you can jog for 5 minutes, or do some stretching exercise.

This will not only make you active but also will help you feel refreshed. So next time, instead of sitting and working straight for 6-7 hours, try to take out those 5 minutes from each hour for your workout!

  • When on a call, try to walk and talk.
  • Practice aerobic exercises, such as walking, running, jogging, jumping. You can also practice exercises such as planks, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, etc. Try to put your muscles on work!

5 Stay hydrated

Always try to replenish your fluid reservoir. This will not only make your feel refreshed, but also will keep your electrolytes in check. Drink plenty of water according to your body’s requirements.

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