Makhana dry fruit Gur kheer- Easy step by step recipe

Makhana dry fruit Gur kheer is very useful in the festival season and we all want to indulge in something that’s not only sweet and but also delicious without having any guilt. Here’s an amazing recipe, that is healthy, and also full of nutrients, protein-rich, and above all, is sweet too, for all your sweet tooth cravings.

Makhana dry fruits kheer is an easy-to-make recipe that is loved by children and adults. Makhana or lotus seeds or fox nuts are rich in antioxidants, helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it may support in weight loss and it is even good for heart health. You can even munch on these by just roasting them and storing in a jar. They are really healthy and low in calories.

We’ll be making this recipe without sugar so that it can be good for diabetics too, but you can add sugar as per your requirement.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 25 minutes

Total time: 30 minutes

Serving: 2 bowls

Ingredients to make Makhana dry fruit Gur kheer:

Makhana: 1 cup (cut into half)

Cashews: ¼ cup

Dates: ¼ cup, chopped

Almonds (for garnishing): 10 pieces

Milk: ½ L (2 glasses)

Elaichi powder: ¼ tsp

Ghee: 1 tsp

Have you ever tried makhana bhel? Make sure to try it once!

Method of preparation:

1Firstly, Heat a saucepan on medium flame, and grease it with 1 tsp of ghee. When the saucepan is heated, add makhana and cashew-nuts to it. Then, Lightly roast them and when roasted, put them aside to cool down in a plate.

2 Moreover, Save half of the roasted makhanas and blend the other half of them.

3 Now, heat ½ l of milk in a saucepan or kadhai on medium flame. Boil the milk and add blended makhanas to it.

4 Furthermore, Stir the mixture for 5 minutes so that its consistency changes to thick.

5 Immediately, Add roasted makhanas, cashew nuts, and raisins to the milk.

6 Then, Cook the kheer at low flame for about 20 minutes. Milk and dates will add their sweetness to the kheer, and there is no need to add extra sugar to it.

7 Finally, Serve the makhana kheer hot and garnish it with finely chopped almonds.

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