Oats Dal Tikki

Easy Oats Moong Dal Tikki a Delicious Snack

Oats Moong Dal Tikki is the perfect recipe for this rainy season. It is packed with flavour and taste from green chillies, pepper, chaat masala and spices and the softness from the paneer. Pan fry it and serve it along with chutney to make a high protein evening snack.

Ingrediants :

1 and 1/4 tablespoon yellow moong dal

1/3 tablespoon refined oil

garam masala powder as required

1/3 teaspoon chaat masala

salt as required

1/3 teaspoon chilli powder

turmeric as required

1/3 tablespoon coriander leaves

1 and 1/4 tablespoon rolled oats

1/2 tablespoon onion

1/3 tablespoon yoghurt (curd)

garam masala powder as required

ginger paste as required

green chilli as required

garlic as required

water As required

Method for Oats Moong Dal Tikki :

Wash and clean the onion and coriander leaves.

On a clean chopping board, chop both of them and keep them aside.

In a pan add enough water & then moong dal to it.

Put this pan on medium flame and cook till the dal is tender and water dries out.

Transfer the dal into a blender and blend it turning it into a paste.

In a deep bowl, add the dal paste prepared followed by all the remaining ingredients.

Mix all well.

Now separate the mixture into small portions.

After that roll, these portions and flatten them into a circle just like a Tikki.

Repeat the same procedure with the portion remaining.

Take a non-stick frying pan & keep it on medium flame also add oil to it.

Add the tikki’s to the pan and fry them till they turn a golden-brown colour.

Make sure to cook both sides properly.

Serve fresh and hot with any sauce or chutney of your choice.


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