Salads with Asparagus

Salad with asparagus and peas, delicious lemon thyme vinaigrette is blended with fresh, crisp spring veggies. You may add your preferred protein to turn it into a meal or serve it as the ideal side dish for a spring brunch or lunch.Salad made with asparagus is a nutritious vegetarian dish. This healthful recipe, which is created with lettuce and cherry tomatoes, is ideal for school lunches as well as for office workers.The main component in this recipe is fresh asparagus.








7.Goat cheese

8.Extra virgin olive oil

9.White wine vinegar





14.Salt and pepper 

How to make Asparagus And Pea Salad

1.Prepare your greens and chop your vegetables-If made ahead, put them in the fridge in an airtight container.

2.All the ingredients for your vinaigrette should be placed in a blender, and they should be blended on high until emulsified. Pour contents into a lidded glass bowl or Mason jar and store in the refrigerator until needed. For 3–4 days, the vinaigrette can be stored in the refrigerator. Before using it, simply shake or stir it because it could solidify a little bit in the refrigerator.

3.Several hours or even a day before serving, blanch your asparagus and peas. Keep chilled until you’re ready to use.

4.Prepare the salad and garnish with the goat cheese, nuts, and vinaigrette.


1.Bring water in a big pot to a boil. For a further two to three minutes, or until they just begin to get soft, add the asparagus and peas.

2.A big basin should be filled with cold water and plenty of ice to create an ice bath while the asparagus and peas are cooking.

3.Asparagus and peas that have been cooked should be drained and thrown into the ice bath right away. Keep them there until they have totally cooled. By shocking the veggies, the cooking process is stopped, and the vegetables’ brilliant colour and firm texture are preserved.

4.If the ice hasn’t fully melted, remove it from the bath and drain the water before using a paper towel to gently pat the vegetables dry. Until you’re ready to use, keep in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

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