Ashgourd Juice (Winter Melon / safed petha ) – a perfect drink for Detox & weight loss.

Ashgourd Juice (Winter Melon / safed petha ) – a perfect drink for Detox & weight loss is believed to offer various health benefits. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, contributing to:

Hydration: Ashgourd has a high water content, aiding in keeping the body hydrated.

Digestive Health: It may help with digestion and alleviate digestive issues due to its fiber content.

Weight Management: Ashgourd is Low in calories and high in fiber, ashgourd juice might support weight management by promoting a feeling of fullness.

Detoxification: Some consider ashgourd juice as a detoxifying agent, helping to flush out toxins from the body.

Skin Health: The presence of antioxidants in Ashgourd juice may contribute to healthier skin by combating oxidative stress.

Blood Sugar Control: Some studies suggest that ashgourd may have a positive impact on blood sugar levels.

Blood Pressure Regulation: Potassium in ashgourd is beneficial for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Always consult with a healthcare professional before making significant changes to your diet or lifestyle, especially if you have underlying health conditions.


  1. Diced Ashgourd ( safed petha) – (2-3 cups)
  2. Himalaya pink salt/ salt according to your taste
  3. Lemon- half tablespoon
  4. Water (250ml)


  1. Firstly, wash the Ashgourd thoroughly and cut it into small pieces.
  2. Afterwards, add diced Ashgourd and 250ml water in a mixture and blend till it becomes smooth.
  3. Properly strain it into a bowl.
  4. After nicely strained, add a desired amount of Himalayan pink salt or regular salt, along with half a tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix the ingredients thoroughly.
    • Here is your DETOXING ASHGOURD JUICE is ready .. enjoy it and make your lifestyle little bit health conscious.
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