Beetroot and coconut stir fry

Recipe for making Beetroot And Coconut Stir Fry for snacks or a light mid meal

Beetroot has been gaining in popularity as a superfood. Beetroots are rich in iron, calcium, and minerals and there are various ways you can include them in your meals. Beetroot and coconut stir fry can be an easy to make snack option.

Beetroots are high in insoluble fiber and thus beneficial for a healthy gut.

Beets has a medium glycemic index and loads is less and this healthy stir-fried beetroot that is why it is suitable for diabetes as well. It is also good for weight loss.

 Beetroot and coconut dish is delish to eat a fill of nutrition. You can eat this with chapati. It does not take much time to make it.

Beetroot tikki- A Delicious and healthy snack


  1. 1 cup grated  Beetroot
  2. 1/4cup freshly grated coconuts
  3. 5crushed  garlic cloves
  4. ¼ Tablespoon  turmeric powder
  5. ¼  Tablespoon Chilli powder
  6. 2 tablespoon oil
  7. ½ tabelspoon  mustard seeds
  8. 1 tablespoon urad  dal 
  9. 5 -6 curry leaves 
  10. ¼ tabel soon of red chillies
  11. Salt according to the Taste

Method for making Beetroot and coconut stir fry:

  1. Heat the oil in the nonstick pan add mustard seed and garlic after a few minutes seeds with crackle then add urad dal and saute it at medium flame.
  2. Add curry leaves also in it and red chill into it and saute it.
  3. In that add beetroot and salt according to taste and mix it well. cover the lid and cook this 5-7 minutes also staring it in between.
  4. Now add grated coconut into it add turmeric in it. also staring it mixed all the mixture correctly.
  5. Now after 5 minutes. The dish will be ready to eat and serve on the plate.

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