How to make Matki dal

Matki dal is tasty, comforting, and wholesome. Matki dal curry is full of flavor and nutrition. This Punjabi-style dal can be made easily at home.

It is so easy to prepare and requires everyday ingredients from the kitchen only. This dal can be eaten with warm roti, paratha, or rice. So, cooking moth beans is very easy, a pressure cooker or instant pot can be used for preparation. These are low in calories and high in nutrition.


1 cup moth bean or matki dal ( sprouted / soaked ) whole, rinsed

One tbsp ghee

Teaspoon 1 – jeera

Green chilli pepper, 1 chopped

½ tbsp ginger

½ tbsp garlic

 Onion  – 01 cup chopped

¾ cup tomato chopped

3 cup water

Little lemon juice

Few cilantro/coriander to garnish

¼ tsp haldi

01 tsp coriander powder

Half tsp red chilli powder

¼- ½ tsp garam masala

Salt to taste

Serving people- 4


Sprouting :-

Firstly, wash moth beans & soak for 10 hours minimum.

Then, change the water and add little fresh, about ½ to ¾ cup.

Well, leave it overnight covered and it will absorb all the water and will start sprouting.

Yet, toss the dal and keep covered. It will continue to grow evenly.

 Sprinkle liquid on it, if it gets dry.

Moth bean sprouts (Matki sprouts) ready to use!

Dal preparation:-

Firstly, take moth bean sprouted dal and wash it. If taking non sprouted, wash & soak for 30 mins.

Take a pressure cooker and heat the oil in it. Then add cumin seeds, green chili to it. Saute it.

Furthermore, add ingredients such as onions ginger and garlic . Saute it

Now add chopped tomato, spices and stir well. 

Well, add lentils and water to the mixture. Stir well.

Then cover the lid, turn the heat on high flame and pressure cook the dal it for 2 whistles also reduce the flame to medium and pressure cook it for 8 minutes more. Once its cooked, let the pressure release naturally.

After that, open the lid and add lime juice and sprinkle cilantro/coriander on top. Stir it and

Finally Moth dal is ready serve and enjoy! 

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