Easy recipe for making healthier and tastier RAGI MALT

Ragi malt is a healthy, filling and wholesome porridge with finger millet flour (Ragi in India). This is a very good health drink choice for toddlers and kids, easy to make and so much better than store bought malt drinks. This is also known as ragi java and it is a very age old traditional south Indian recipe that they serve to toddlers and kids for breakfast or snacks. Making ragi malt takes only 5 minutes if you have finger millet flour handy. Here is how to make easy and best ragi malt at home.

What is RAGI? –

Ragi is the Indian name for the finger millet or red millet. It goes by the name ragi in Hindi, keppai or kezhvaragu in Tamil, nachani in Marati. Ragi or finger millet is one of the superfood which had lost its importance. But it had always remain an essential component of the meals in many south regions..
This amazing weight loss recipe hailed from the south famously known as “Ambali” is enriched with many other many nutrients hence favors many health benefits.
“Ragi is considered one of the best non-dairy sources of calcium”. Also Ragi is one those foods that provides internal warmth to the body and helps in building immunity during the season change. And Also it is
1. Rich in fibers and proteins
2. Wonderful source of calcium
3. Fight blood cholesterol & also controls blood pressure.

This drink can be prepared two way sweet or salty. I am sharing here the salty version of Ragi Malt. So lets begin with the recipe..

Recipe of Ambali/Ragi malt :

  1. First take 2 glasses of buttermilk
  2. In a separate pan boil 3 cups water
  3. Take half katori water and add 1 tbsp of ragi flour to it. Mix it well and make it lump free.
  4. Now add it to the boiling water and mix it well. Let it cook for 2-3 mins.
  5. Cool down completely
  6. Now add to the buttermilk.
  7. Further add roasted cumin powder, black salt, dried mint leaves powder, curry leave powder and some chopped coriander.
  8. Mix well, chill and serve.

    Benefits of this malt along with the usual benefits of ragi are:-
  • Great for weight loss
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Improves digestion
    As it’s a high fibre component so keeps you full for longer hence helps weight loss.
Ragi Malt

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