How to make Bombay Grilled Sandwich at home

How to make Bombay Grilled Sandwich at home?

We all crave for some easy and quick sandwich recipes. Well, Bombay grilled vegetable sandwich is not only tasty but super easy to make. You no longer have to think about your breakfast or evening snacks because this recipe, right here will leave you craving for more sandwiches!

Bombay grilled sandwich is loaded with vegetables and goodness of nutrients. Moreover, it is so wholesome and yummy. 

You can add your choice of vegetables as per your preference to the mixture of this sandwich. But to make authentic Bombay grilled sandwiches, we recommend you to follow the recipe for all the taste and delight!

Let’s get started with the recipe!

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Serving: 2

(to increase the servings, please adjust the quantities of the ingredients accordingly and follow the below-mentioned steps)

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Ingredients to make Bombay Grilled Sandwich:

Bread: 4 slices

Tomato: 1 small

Potato: 1 boiled (medium)

Onion: 1 small

Cucumber: 1

Cheese slice: 2

Butter: 2 tablespoons

Salt: to taste

Chaat masala: ¼ tsp

To make green chutney:

Mint leaves: handful

Coriander leaves: handful

Garlic cloves (optional): 3-4

Green chilli: 2 small 

Method of preparation:

  • Firstly, to prepare this tempting sandwich, peel and cut the vegetables. Slice the vegetables round after washing and peeling. Also slice the boiled potato. 
  • Secondly, wash and chop mint leaves and coriander leaves to make green chutney. Now, add green chilli along with garlic cloves with mint and coriander leaves to a blending jar. Add enough water and blend to make green chutney. You can adjust the water quantity according to the consistency of the chutney. (also add a pinch of salt and fresh lemon juice for better taste!)
  • Now, it’s time to prepare the sandwich. To one slice of bread, spread butter and over it spread mint-coriander chutney. Furthermore, palace the vegetable slices over the slice and sprinkle salt and chaat masala over it. Once done, add the cheese slice or grated cheese and cover with the other slice of bread.
  • Lastly, grill the sandwich for 2-3 minutes and serve hot!

Pro-tip: you can serve this sandwich with your choice of dip or chutney. We recommend mint-coriander chutney as it never disappoints!

Do try this recipe out and enjoy!

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