How to make easy Russian salad at home

How to make easy russian salad at home

Salads reminds us of fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables. The goodness of fruits and vegetables on a tiring or stressful day brings in freshness and can surely make you feel light and relaxed. There are many recipes of salads and many different kind of salads that you can easily prepare at your home in the blink of an eye. Russian salad is one such salad which is not only tasty but also filled with nutrients.

This salad will definitely not disappoint you. You can prepare it as a side with your major meal, or you can easily include it as your major meal. It is wholesome yet light.

You can use variations of vegetables as per your taste and choice. In this recipe, I have used French beans, carrots, potatoes, lettuce, apple, pineapple, green peas, and beetroot. All these vegetables and fruits are a rich source of potassium and vitamin C and many other nutrients. They not only add flavor to the salad but also gives an amazing color to it.

Let’s get started with the recipe:

Total time: 15 minutes

Serving: 3

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Ingredients to make Russian salad:

French beans: 1 cup

Carrots: 1 cup

Green peas: ½ cup

Potatoes: 1 ½ cup

Pineapple: 1 cup (sliced)

Apple: 1 cup (sliced) (2 apples)

Beetroot: 1 (boiled)

Lettuce:1 cup (1 head)

Mayonnaise: 1 tablespoon

Fresh cream: 2 tablespoon

Salt: as per taste

Black pepper: ¼ tsp

Sugar: ½ tsp

Method of preparation:

  • Firstly, wash and cut all the vegetables (French beans, carrots, green peas, potatoes) and boil them until soft.
  • Secondly, chop the pineapple and apples into fine slices.
  • Now, mix fruits and boiled vegetables. Moreover, add salt, pepper and sugar to it. Mix all the ingredients well.
  • Furthermore, to this add mayonnaise (1 tablespoon) and fresh cream (2 tablespoons) and mix well. Make sure to coat all the fruits and vegetables.
  • Now, take a salad bowl and cover it with lettuce leaves. In the center, put the salad and decorate with the chopped pieces of beetroot.
  • Finally, your easy to make Russian salad is ready! Serve cold.

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