How to make Healthy Roti Pizza

Roti Pizza

Roti Pizza is a Super healthy recipe with high protein (approx 20gms), good fats, low Calories…. Trust me !!! You will forget Dominos, Pizza hut and the likes .

When you Don’t have pizza bases at home but want to make pizza? And If you want healthy Pizza? Don’t worry we have a solution for you. This Roti Pizza will help you to try a new pizza recipe where you will not need unhealthy refined flour pizza bases. You can use any type of pre-cooked roti or even rotis left from the previous day to make these delicious pizzas.

This is a quick recipe for when you have guests over and can’t think of making some delicious appetiser. You will just need homemade sauce, cheese, some vegetables and roti to make these pizzas. You can also make this pizza for your little ones and they won’t even know that you have used roti as a base instead of actual pizza bases. If you want to avoid the heavy maida base of pizza that is available in the market, then you can easily give the pizza a healthier twist by using a whole wheat base in the form of roti. We have added some regular veggies here, however, you can customize the pizza by adding veggies of your choice. Do try this recipe, rate it and let us know how it turned out to be.

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For pesto for 3 Roti pizza:

  1. 2 cups basil leaves
  2. Two tbsp olive oil
  3. 4 garlic cloves
  4. 4-5 walnuts
  5. Salt as per taste

For Pizza:

  1. Roti (You can use any ragi/jowar/wheat etc leftover or fresh roti), Here I am using amaranth, jowar, wheat mixed roti – because to improve protein and other nutrient content.
  2. 2 cups of chopped vegetables like mushroom, bell peppers, onion, cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, jalapenos (if available)
  3. 1/2 cup olives (optional)
  4. 100 gms fresh mozzarella
  5. Salt as per taste
  6. Pepper as per taste
  7. Italian seasoning for sprinkling

Here 100 gm of mozzarella has 17 gms of protein. Its rich in probiotics too, so gut friendly, you can also use it fresh in salads. Here we are heating the cheese so of course the bacteria wont survive.

Method for making healthy Roti Pizza

  1. Take your leftover/fresh either millet or wheat roti.
  2. Spread pesto over your roti
  3. Put vegetable toppings of Mushroom, Cherry tomatoes, onion, jalapenos (optional), olives, peppers etc
  4. Add few basil leaves.
  5. put mozzarella cheese on to it.
  6. sprinkle all the seasoning.

And your high protein , super easy and so so delicious recipe is ready to eat….

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