Walnut, Berry and Beetroot Smoothie bowl


Smoothie bowl is basically a smoothie that is much thicker in consistency and eaten from a bowl (Hence the name “Smoothie Bowl”). They are usually loaded with toppings of your choice which includes something as soft as a banana to anything that is as crispy as granola, nuts or seeds. Smoothie bowls are simple, easy and quick to prepare, can be made colourful and flavourful as well as a healthier choice of breakfast to start your day with. 

To make smoothie bowl vegetables and fresh/frozen fruits are used. And also other healthier choices of toppings such as fruits, nuts, seeds, coconut shavings, granola and more which are rich in micro and macro- nutrients. Smoothie bowls are in pureed form which makes it easy to eat and easy to digest.

Fantastic option for Breakfast –

Smoothie bowls are not just colourful and attractive to see but also tastes fantastic with a pop of flavours and goodness of crunchy toppings used with every bite you take. Always use a trick at home that simply add the disliked fruits and vegetables while making your smoothies! These can be than easily consumed by adults including pregnant and lactating women, and children as they are healthy and consist of natural sources of ingredients which is safe for all individuals. They are a great way to kick start your day. Adding a vitamin C rich fruit such as berries or lemon juice will also help boost your immunity. Also incorporate superfoods such as turmeric, cinnamon, walnuts, etc in small amounts as they are power packed with nutrients which prevents various health conditions. 

There is a wide variety of toppings to choose from and can be used as per your preference for the smoothie bowls such as fruit slices (apple/banana/mango, etc), coconut shavings, grated chocolate, mixed berries/ pistachios/ almonds/ walnuts/ chia seeds/ flax seeds/ pumpkin seeds/ watermelon seeds/ granola/ roasted oats, dates/ honey and more. To make your favourite smoothie bowl in just 2 steps and takes less than 5 minutes to prepare i.e., blend all ingredients in a mixer and transfer it to a bowl and top it up with toppings of your choice.

Benefits –

  1. Prevents constipation, muscle building, reduces the risk of heart conditions and promotes a healthy heart, prevents cancer, improves memory.
  2. Also prevents the risk of infections.
  3. Rich in fibre, potassium, zinc, protein and iron, antioxidants, vitamin C, fibre, iron, calcium and probiotics.
  4. Prevents against infections/ illnesses, boosts the immune system, promotes regular bowel movement and promotes healthy gut.
  5. Regular bowel movement, prevents anaemia, regulated blood pressure, muscle building and maintains a healthy heart. 
  6. Regulates blood pressure and controls diabetes.

Walnut, Beetroot, Berry smoothie bowl –

I tried this berry beet smoothie bowl on a hectic Monday yesterday. And trust me I can feel that relaxing goodness and zestful energy of this smoothie bowl. If you feel inclined to try the smoothie bowl, give this combination a try! Filled with berries, beets, mint, chia seeds and of course walnuts, it’s delicious!! And you will not notice the beet (just putting that out for you beet-haters).

Ingredients –

  1. 150 gm beetroot
  2. 175 gm frozen/fresh mixed berries (preferably fresh)
  3. 2 tbsp oats
  4. 1 tbsp chia seeds
  5. 400 ml milk
  6. A handful of blueberries
  7. 2 handful of walnuts
  8. A couple of spring of mints

Preparations –

  1. Place the beetroot , frozen/fresh berries and oats into a blender.
  2. Pour over the milk and whizz until the smooth.
  3. Pour the smoothies in two bowls and arrange the Chia seeds, walnut, Berries and mint leaves on top in an attractive pattern to serve.


Your super easy and healthy smoothie is ready to rock…..

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