Oats dosa

How to make Oats dosa

Oats dosa is easy and simple dosa recipe made with quickly rolled oats with other ingredients such as rava and rice flour. Oats dosa can be a perfect alternative to the traditional recipe also as it is not much time taking to prepare the batter. Once shallow fried, it would turn to a thin and crisp layer and can be easily served with sambar or chutney for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Dosa dishes are one of the common as well as staple foods for many South Indians. Oats dosa and rava dosa recipes are very simple and easy meal dishes that can be made quickly. The dish is filling also and generally does not need any extra side dish.


1 cup rolled oats

One cup rice flour

¼ cup rava/suji

Salt – 1 tsp

4 cup water

½ onion

02 – chilli

2 tbsp coriander leaves

Two tbsp curry leaves

01 tsp cumin

Serving 5 people


Firstly, in a pan dry roast rolled oats until it turns crunchy.

Well, let them cool completely and grind them to make a fine powder.

Now, transfer the oats powder to a large bowl.

Further, add ingredients to the bowl such as, rice flour, rava and salt.

Then, prepare a watery batter by adding water to it. Mix well

Furthermore, add onions, chili, coriander, curry leaves, and cumin to the batter.

Mix it well and the batter should be of water consistency

Let it rest for 15 minutes for oats and rava to soak well.

Then after 15 minutes, see the batter, if it needs water to be added then add water to maintain water consistency.

Now take a, heat it and add little oil to it for greasing. Pour the batter on the pan.

Let it roast for 2 minutes or until the dosa turns crisp.

Finally, serve hot & enjoy!

It can be served with sambar or any chutney.

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