Easy Diet while you’re on a weekend getaway

The diet helps us to fit. We all like to take a break from our daily life’s hustle and bustle once in a while. A weekend getaway is a much-deserved break that we give to ourselves to clear our minds and enjoy the essence of life.

But while we are on a vacation, we tend to indulge ourselves in various unhealthy eating options. And then, when we are back from the vacation, we fell into a guilt-trip of cheating with our meals and gaining those extra kilos which are then very difficult to shed.

Well, this happens with each one of us, and so we thought of creating a list of foods that are not only healthy but also tasty. And that can be consumed and opted as a healthy food choice option during your chilling getaway.

Well, the availability of the food and grocery stuff depends on the location you’re traveling to, but choosing healthy options from a variety of foodstuffs is always a wise choice. When we see a variety of foods in front of us, such as in the case of the buffet, we tend to eat more and end up putting a lot on our plate.

In this situation, we end up eating extreme amounts of extra calories which we didn’t tend to eat at first. Immediately after realizing that we have eaten extra, we feel guilty and end up being sad on our vacations.

To solve all these guilt problems, we here have a list of options from which you can choose to eat while you are out for your much-deserved break! here are various health tips for you which you can follow on weekend getaways.

Breakfast Diet:

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and it can really set your mood for the rest of your day. So always choose your breakfast wisely and never skip this most important meal of the day.

When out, you can choose from the following options:

1 Egg

Eggs in any form, such as omelet, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, or half fry. You can choose from the choices. Portion control is the key. Always put the amount of food that you are hungry for on your plate, and not more than that. If you follow this rule, we bet you will not feel guilty after having your meal, rather you will enjoy it more!

Eggs along with toast go really well, so you can have an omelet with a single toast. Moreover, can add coffee or tea, or milk (if available) to the meal.

Egg Omelet

2 Poha/Upma or any other cereal

Poha, upma, or oats are some of the safest and healthiest options available for breakfast. You can always opt for any of these.

To modify your meal, if milk is available (like in a buffet breakfast), you can add oats to the milk and take a side of freshly cut fruits, to make not only an amazing but also a wholesome oats bowl. It is a very helpful diet.

Oats in milk with fruits

3 Idli/Dosa or Uttapam Diet:

Idlis never really disappoints and so does dosa. You can enjoy a paper dosa with rasam or hot sambhar on a cold day, really anytime. It just makes you feel at home and is like soul food. Having idli or dosa or uttapam as breakfast options is not only healthy but also tasty. Idlis with hot sambhar and coconut chutney, just thinking about it gives us hunger pangs!

South Indian food

4 Paranthe

Well, we all have traveled and had paranthe for breakfast. It just feels right, like you’re right in a comfort zone, enjoying stuffed paranthe with curd and tea in one hand, looking at the mesmerizing view! It really does feel amazing. Hot stuffed paranthe can really satiate your hunger. But again, choose wisely from the menu.

Make sure to avoid that extra loaded butter (salted or white-unsalted), or cream. And keep the portion size in mind. Though the getaway is to sit back and relax, make sure you don’t feed your body with excessive calories and macros.  

5 Fruits and salads

If you follow the diet, and If you’re at a breakfast buffet, then you will surely find freshly cut fruits and different kinds of salads. You can always opt for fruits and salads with a nice cup of coffee.

Furthermore, sprouts are an amazing option to choose from if you have them available at the place you’re dining.

Also, get your hands on these amazing salad recipes!

Fruit Salad

Lunch and Dinner:

1 Pulse

When eating out, try to have one exchange or serving or pulses in a day. There are many options to choose from, for instance, dal tadka, dal makhani, rajma, etc.

Order a pulse variety so that you are covered at not only your taste front but also at your health front. Pulses are brimming with the goodness of nutrients, so choose them!

2 Paneer gravy

There are a number of options and varieties available of paneer in the menus these days. You can have a simple paneer bhruji to shahi paneer or kadhai paneer and what not. Even in the starters, you can choose from paneer tikka or chilly paneer options. Again, keep in mind the portion. Mindful eating is the key and should be practiced at all times.

3 Chicken gravy

For all the non-vegetarians, chicken gravy is one of the finest options to look for. The only rule that one must follow is, that if you see a layer of visible fat or oil on the top of the curry you have ordered, please remove that layer and try to avoid that excessive oil.

5 Green leafy vegetables:

We usually get tangled up between paneer or pulse or chicken option. But there’s more to the menu and options that you can opt from. Greens are always there. For instance, you can go for saag and makai ki roti, or palak paneer or you can even opt for palak corn. These options are not only limited to the main course. You can also get salads made of green leafy vegetables and even appetizers!

So, try to choose your greens this time!

4 Salads

There are many healthy diet salad options available in restaurants these days. You can go for a sprout salad, or chickpea salad, chana chaat salad, corn and sprout salads, and so on.

Sprout Salad
5 pieces of bread

While choosing bread, please choose chapati if available in place of naan or butter naan, etc.

6 Rice

You can always go for vegetable rice options from the menu such as pulao or biryani in place of just steamed rice options.

Vegetable rice
7 Curds

There are simple curds as well as raitas available. Choose wisely from the same. Our recommendation, go for vegetable raita!

Cucumber mint raita

Mid-meals Diet

While traveling, it might get really difficult to follow your diet plan pattern of fruits or salads or soups as your mid meals. And when we are not able to follow that, and feel hungry, we usually end up eating processed foods such as namkeens, chips, or biscuits.

The key to avoid this from happening is to plan your mid-meals beforehand. Below, we will be mentioning some of the ideas that will ease your search for healthy snacking items.

1 Roasted makhana+ mumura+ chana mixture

Makhanas really never ever disappoint anyone. They are one of the easiest and tastiest snaking diet options available. To make this mixture, take makhanas, and murmurs, dry roast them in a pan. You can add spices of your choice to it if you want. Then, add roasted chana to this mixture. And ta-da, your healthy munching mixture is ready!

Store it in a jar and take it with you to your getaway!

2 Black pepper pop-corn

Pop-corns really know how to add crunch to your diet. This is also an easy snack option, you just need to cook pop-corns, add black pepper (and any other spices if you want) and that easily, they are ready to carry!


3 Banana chips

Banana is a fruit that has really very varied uses in our kitchen. You can make banana bread from it, muffins, chips, custard and what not!

They are easily available in the market, but you can also make them at home. Just buy some raw bananas, slice them into fine pieces, fry them and toss them into your favorite spices. Store them in a jar, and take that jar with you on our getaway!

Banana chips

4 Vegetable sandwiches Diet

When we think about vegetable sandwiches, we really think about comfort Diet food. Just take your favorite vegetables, for instance, cucumber, onion, tomato, carrot, can also add lettuce. And spread green chutney- mint-coriander chutney to the sides of whole wheat flour bread. And your sandwich is ready!

Pack this sandwich on the day you’re leaving home and consume it on the same day.

5 Khakhra- Gujarati Savory Flatbread

Khakhra is a very crispy flatbread served in Gujarat. It is made of whole wheat flour and methi leaves. You can add spices of your choice and as per your taste. You can either bake it or cook it on a pan. Just kneed a stiff dough, roll out khakhra balls and make it in a circle. Apply a few drops of oil to the pan and cook the khakhra from both sides. Cook until crisp and the good news is that you can save them for about 2 weeks in an air-tight container!


Apart from traditional drinks like tea and coffee, you can opt for lemonade or mojito. If available, can also choose coconut water or buttermilk. Try to opt for drinks that are low in sugars. Avoid soft drinks during your get-away.

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