Mushroom fittata

Low- carb Mushroom frittata recipe with few simple ingredients

Low-carb Mushroom frittata is a very healthy and delicious recipe for brunch. This is one of the best frittata recipes in all kinds of frittatas. Also, this is a great method to eat mushrooms for people who don’t like mushrooms much. Mushroom frittata is a very flavourful and easy-to-make dish. This recipe is keto and low-carb, gluten-free, and made with very few simple ingredients. So, people on the paleo diet can also consume it without worry.

Ingredients for making a low-carb mushroom frittata recipe:

Olive oil – 2 tbsp

Button mushroom sliced – 1 cup

Large eggs – 8

Sour cream – 1/4cup

Sea salt – ¼ tsp

Black pepper – ¼ tsp

Thyme dried – ¼ tsp

Scallions green chopped – ½ cup

Grated parmesan cheese dry – ½ cup


Firstly, preheat the oven to 400 degrees F and keep a pie dish 9-inches long in the oven to heat it.

Then, heat olive oil in a pan on medium heat and add your mushrooms to it. Stir the mushrooms occasionally until turned brown and tender and all the liquid is evaporated.

After that, take a bowl, put eggs, sour cream, salt, pepper, and thyme, and whisk well.

Now, put scallions and cheese and mix them well.

Then, take out your warm pie dish and keep it on a heat-proof surface. Spray or brush some olive oil on it and transfer the mushrooms to the baking dish.

After that, pour your egg mixture on its top and mix gently.

Then, keep the baking dish in the oven again and bake the frittata until the edges turn golden and puffy for about 20-25 minutes.

Let the frittata cool for 10 minutes then, slice it into eight slices and serve.

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