Tumeric and Tulsi Tea for covid-19 at Home

Tumeric and Tulsi Tea helps relieve symptoms of cold and cough. Tulsi and turmeric are known to do wonders for immunity and also help in weight loss also.

It helps in COVID cases like soaring and cough again.  In This time worked up, staying calm and rational is tough. We could do is to keep our immunity in top shape using all safe and natural means like tulsi and turmeric.

Health Benefits Of this Tea:

1)Turmeric has an anti-inflammatory property that helps ease the discomfort that comes with a sore throat, cold, and cough.

2)It also works as an antioxidant that helps fight dangerous free radical activity that causes premature aging of cells and helps to build our immunity.

3) Tulsi, the main ingredient in many of these kara, is rich in vitamin C and zinc. Both of them are very important to boost our immunity and resistance to infections.

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Tumeric and Tulsi Tea Recipe:

It is very easy to make tulsi and turmeric tea at home.

 You can have it twice a day, Make sure you do not go overboard with the drink, excess of anything may cause harm in the long run.

To make this tea, you would need:

1)1 tsp turmeric powder( kachi haldi)

2) 4 tulsi leaves

3) Back pepper-according to taste  


1) Take a mixer to add two glasses of water.

2) Add everything in the mixer turmeric, tulsi, and black pepper, and grind them.

3) Then boil it and bring the water to boiling point. Let the tea steep for at least 2-3 minutes with the lid on.

4) Then Strain the tea from the strainer.

5) Now you can serve it.

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