wholesome meal

Wholesome meal “Bowl that becomes your whole meal

This wholesome meal can be consumed for ‘ weight loss and maintenance”. This meal is can be advice to kids, elders of any age or gender. In this recipe, we can use multiple healthy vegetables, greens, legumes as options with the recipe. One of the choices of food recommended for kids lunch too. This is a quick 20 mins speedy recipe that won’t be tiresome and your kids or elders both will love it.

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Ingredients for wholesome meal- 

Tomatoes – 1-2 pieces medium

Carrot – 1 small carrot (orange)

Roasted chana dal – 1 Katori

Capsicum – Any colored bell pepper would do

Mushroom – 4-5 numbers

French beans – 10-12

Method of Preparation –

* To make a wholesome meal, first take two tomatoes cut into 4 halves each and 1 carrot (cut pieces). Add a little amount of water to a pan & steam them till they become slightly Firm. (sprinkle a pinch of salt on vegetables)

* After steaming remove tomato peel. Let them cool. Dip tomatoes in water to cool them faster.

* Add tomatoes & carrot with 2 Tbsp roasted chana dal/bhuna chana in a blender and make a thick paste. (add little amount of water also)

* In a pan add- capsicum, mushrooms, french beans, carrot (all cut). Add some amount water to it & steam them (let them be a little crunchy).

* Add the paste to vegetables and cook it by covering it (add some amount of water). Add spices to it (salt, pepper, oregano, etc).

* This serving size is recommended for 1 person.

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Hope you like this recipe.

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