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Frozen Smoothie Bowl- a perfect blend of healthy and yummy

Frozen Smoothie bowls are easy to make and really very tasty. You can choose your own fruits and ingredients and make this bowl of healthy and yummy smoothies in just 5 minutes. Yes, you read it right, in just 5 minutes. Well, we all know that fruits are rich in fiber, and antioxidants and of course they are really very yummy. Frozen smoothie bowl brings you wholesomeness of fruits and in addition, all the nutrients without doing much effort.

In this recipe, we’ll be using mixed berries and banana and chia seeds. Now there are many ways to make a smoothie bowl, you can even add milk to it (almond milk- most preferable), or vanilla powder to it, or even can add yogurt to it. It is your own choice. You can even top it up with fruit slices and nuts and seeds. The best thing about a smoothie bowl is that it is loaded with the goodness of nutrients and it is naturally sweet. You do not need to add extra sugar to it.

This recipe is really very quick to make and above all, it is very creamy and very satisfying. You can take it during breakfast, or in mid-morning, or as an evening snack substitute. We bet, this bowl will not disappoint you.

So, let’s get started with this perfect blend of healthy and yummy Frozen smoothie bowls! It’s your choice to freeze your choice of fruits overnight, or you can use them as they are while preparing the recipe. We prefer frozen because the texture that we get after blending is really creamy.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Serving: 1 bowl

Ingredients to make frozen smoothie bowl:

Banana- 1 big

Mixed berries: 1 ½ cup

Chia seeds: 1 tsp

Nuts of your choice: Here we are using almonds- 2-3 pieces (finely sliced)

And a blender

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Method of preparation:

1 Firstly, freeze the banana and mixed berries in the refrigerator overnight.

2 Secondly, take out the frozen banana and mixed berries and peel the banana. Now in a blender, blend the frozen fruits on low first.

3 Also, if you want to add almond milk or coconut milk to it, this is the step when you add it. Just take 2-3 tablespoons of milk and add it to the blender.

4 Thirdly, blend the ingredients to make a smooth and creamy paste. And your smoothie is ready.

5 finally, pour the smoothie in a bowl and top it up with chia seeds, sliced almonds and if you want to add any fruit (optional) for instance banana or berries, you can top it up with that too.

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