Bread kheer recipe

How to make bread kheer in 2 minutes?

Bread kheer with bread, milk and sugar gives a brand new twist to a classis sooji kheer. This is a Indian dessert that is made by cooking chunks of bread in milk.

Bread kheer is a tasty dessert recipe. Dessert after dinner is a regular occurrence at my place, so I try to experiment with various dessert recipes. This bread kheer recipe is filled with the goodness of protein, calcium and other important nutrients.

However, to make it even richer and more appealing, you can add nuts like cashew, almond walnut and garnish with pistachios long with a sheet of silver paper. This works like a charm bread to elevate this bread kheer.

Furthermore, if you are bored of your regular Sooji kheer or rice kheer, then you should try this bread kheer for a change.

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So, let’s quickly have a look at the recipe!

Preparation time: 5 min

Cooking time: 20 minute

Total time: 25 minute

Serving: 2

Ingredient required for bread kheer

2 sliced bread

1.5 cups milk

3 teaspoons sugar

Nutritive values

Energy: 422 kcal

Protein: 15.9 gram

Carbohydrate: 52.8 gram

Fat: 16.6 gram

Method of preparation

Firstly, chopped off the brown corners of the bread using scissors.

Secondly, take a bowl quarter- filled with water, now put the corner -cut bread in the water and let it soak for half minute.

Take the soaked bread your palm and press it with another hand to remove excess water.

Do this with both slices of bread.

After removing the excess water from the bread.

Heat a pan or large vessel and add 2 cups of milk and cook for one minute.

Furthermore, add the soaked bread to the milk by mashing it with your hand and continuously stirring to avoid lumping of breads.

Now, add sugar and and mix everything gently and simmer for two minute.

The Kheer will start to thicken.

Lastly, top it with nuts like almond, cashew, grated coconut, etc.

Finally serve hot, topped with sheets of silver paper.

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