How to make easy homemade MOMOS using leftovers



About this trending and popular dish

MOMOS are bite-size dumplings made with a spoonful of stuffing wrapped in dough. Momos are usually steamed, though they are sometimes fried or steam-fried. Meat or vegetables fillings becomes succulent as it produces an intensively flavored broth sealed inside the wrappers.

Term momo is traditionally used in northern China for buns without stuffing. Momo is the colloquial form of the Tibetan word “mog mog”.The word mo means food related to flour.

Momo has become a delicacy in Nepal and Tibetan communities in Bhutan, as well as people of the Indian regions of Darjeeling, Ladakh, Sikkim, Assam, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh.

Now before coming over to recipe try not to waste food as many people around the globe sleep hungry. If in case you have done the excess cooking than we should conserve the leftovers and make something interesting out of it and avoid the habit of wasting food.

I did the same today and it turned out really well. Here’s the recipe:

For the filling of momos –

Take some oil, saute one onion, add any leftover subzi/ Paneer/ chicken you have. I used shredded chicken pieces from leftover chili chicken I made last night. You can also add some vegetables like peppers, mushrooms, beans etc. to this mixture.

For the chutney of momos –

  1. Char two tomatoes and soak 2-4 chillies in warm water for 10 minutes. In a blender, grind the two with some salt.
  2. In a small pan take some oil, add one minced garlic, 1 bulb of spring onion, chopped (You can take regular onion too) and little soy sauce. Grind again, if you feel the need.

Let’s prepare MOMOS –

1.Knead a dough using 1 cup of refined wheat flour.

2. Roll out very small and thin circles. place the filling, gather it and pinch from the top.

3. You can steam it if you have the equipment. And in case, if you don’t have one than use appe pan to make it. Maybe in appe pan it will loose the shape a little. But will taste so good !! you can deep fry too, but this version of steamed momos are much healthier.

Steamed MOMOS

Do try this super delicious and easy homemade momos recipe from leftover subzi/chicken/paneer at your home.

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Hope you like this recipe.

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