Jowar palak appe

How to make Jowar palak appe

Jowar (also called sorghum) palak appe is a yummy treat. They are vegetarian and gluten-free and also super healthy and nutritious. They can be served with a bowl of piping hot sambar, chutney, and salad on the side for a fulfilling meal.

The leftover batter can be re-used later to make appe or make crispy jowar dosa. This dish does not require any soaking, grinding & fermentation. It’s a quite nourishing snack for the body.

Instead of spinach, you can add other veggies too. Plus, the battery can also be used to make yummy dosas. Serve the appe hot and fresh with chutney. if you are cooking for young children, and want to avoid fruit salt, or Eno then, you can do as well by making Jowar Chille instead of Appe.

Ingrediants :

(Serving- 1)

Jowar flour / Sorghum flour- 3/4 cup

Spinach leaves (chopped)- 1 tablespoon

Green chili paste- 1/2 teaspoon

Ginger paste- 1/4 teaspoon

Salt- as per taste

Coriander leaves (chopped)- 1 tablespoon

Oil- as required

Water as per need

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Method Jowar palak appe :

Firstly take a clean bowl.

Then, combine all the ingredients in it.

Add little water to the above ingrediants.

 Mix all the contents well.

The consistency of the batter should be slightly thick and flowing consistency, therefore add water as required.

Then heat an appe mold and also grease it with oil.

Once the mold gets hot enough. Pour the batter into each circle.

Then add a few drops of oil to the top.

Now, cover the appe mold with a pan.

 Cook appe until the bottom surface turns golden brown.

Next, flip the appe’s with a fork and cook the other side as well.

Appe’s are now ready.

 Add them into a bowl or plate.

 Serve hot.

Enjoy with the coriander chutney.

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