Makhana Paag Prasad

How to make Makhana Paag Prasad at home :

Makhana Paag Prasad is one of the most popular of recent trending foods on earth. It’s simple, it is quick, it tastes yummy. It is appreciated by millions every day. Makhana paag is a special dish made on the eve of Janmashtami.

Ingredients Required for Makhana Paag Prasad :

Makhana (Lotus Seeds): 40 grams

Ghee: 100 grams

Coconut: 50 grams (grated)

Powdered Sugar (Bhoora): 200 grams

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Here are some methods to follows:

To begin with, cut the makhanas into halves with the help of a knife and keep them aside in a bowl.

Then, take a pan and preheat it for a few seconds. Once the pan is sufficiently hot, add ghee to it and allow it to melt.

Now, add the halved makhana bits inside the pan and fry them till they turn slightly brown in hue. Keep stirring the makhanas and ensure that the flame is on medium so that they don’t turn extra dark or burn.

Take out the fried makhanas in a wide bowl and allow them to cool down for a while.

Meanwhile, prepare the chashni (sugar syrup) for the paag by adding powdered sugar in a pan along with water. Cook till the sugar granules (if any) completely melt and the mixture attains one-string consistency.

Once the sugar syrup is prepared, add the fried makhanas along with grated coconut in the pan and give the mixture a nice stir so that all the makhana bits get evenly coated. Wait for the mixture to cool; transfer onto a plate and allow it to set. Your makhana paag prasad is ready.

So, try this easy recipe at home and make your Janmashtami celebrations even more blissful.

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