Egg Oats meal

Quick 5 mins Egg Oats Meal Recipe for easy breakfast

The combination of egg and oats good source of protein. It is important to understand that eggs and oatmeal both provide essential yet different nutrients to our body which are necessary for a successful weight-loss plan and a healthy body. So here is egg oats meal recipe for you.

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Eggs are rich in protein but contain almost no carbs, and while oatmeal does provide some protein, it’s a carb-rich food. Your body needs both carbs and protein on a daily basis, even during weight loss. This is a perfect breakfast recipe.


1) 1/3 cup rolled oats

2) 1/2 cup milk

3) 1 egg white or egg

4) 1/4 cup chopped fruit like strawberry etc

5) optional toppings: cinnamon, nut butter, seeds, chocolate chips

Prep Time: 5 minutes

 Cook Time: 4 minutes

 serves :1


1) Take a bowl add oats, milk, egg/egg white, and fruit in a bowl, and mix it well.

2) Transfer this Microwave bowl and keep this for 45 seconds.

3) Stir it well with all the ingredients.

4) Microwave again for 60 seconds.

5) Add topping like cinnamon Powder, nuts powder, and seeds.

6) Now you can enjoy this health oats egg meal.

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