Tricolor sandwich

Tricolor Sandwich Recipe for Republic Day

This tricolor sandwich is to celebrate the orange, white and green — colors of India. Every day is a great day to celebrate being an Indian, but Independence Day is a great day to share that pride with everyone. I made these tricolor sandwiches today for Breakfast as an early celebration and am going to make these again for a lunch gathering after the flag hoisting on the 15th.

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1.5 Tricolor Sandwich

Proteins =7.4g

Carbs =4.8g

Fats =12.0 g

Fiber =4.5 g

Ingredients to make tricolor sandwich

1)4 bread slices, sides removed

2)½ cup grated cabbage and spinach sauté or cumber

3)½ cup grated carrot

4)1 cup mayonnaise

5)2 tbsp schezwan sauce

6)2 tbsp mint chutney

7) Salt to taste

8)2 tbsp butter Process


1) Cut the sides of white or wholemeal bread. 2) Now on one bread slice, apply a generous amount of green chutney.

3)First sauté the spinach and cabbage  Layer it with spinach and cabbage for the green layer.  Alternatively use sliced cucumber for green layers.

4) Followed by a cheese slice and crushed black pepper.

5) Place another slice of bread to get a white layer.

6) Now spread mayonnaise sauce generously.

 7) Orange layer -grated carrot forming the orange layer. Also, apply Schwan sauce on the bread on the Third layer.

8) Add some season with some salt and crushed black pepper.

9) The third bread slice and press gently.

10) Cut the sandwich into half forming triangle.

11) Finally, serve a triangle sandwich or three-layer.

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