ragi coconut ladoo

Ragi Coconut Laddoo (Laddoo) Recipe

Ragi Coconut Laddoo in good nutritional value. Ragi is a high source of protein also minerals.

Now the festive season is already here! We all have a craving for sweets. To make your festival enjoyable, we have bought some amazing recipes for you. you can enjoy this recipe without any guilt and enjoy the festival also.  

Finger Millets or ragi are grown in the Himalayas. Hence, It is usually intercropped with peanuts. Since Ragi is rich in fiber contents. This recipe gives us nutritional value also tastes both.

Coconut is a rich source of potassium that is brimming with the goodness of other nutrients and minerals. 

Ragi and coconut are an amazing combination of health and taste. both. In this recipe, we are using jaggery in the place of refined sugar to make it iron-rich too. Try this easy recipe in the festive season which is guilt-free. After eating this you will not have that guilt feeling. At the same time, you can enjoy sweets at this festival. But keep in the mind taking this in limited quantity

This ragi ladoo makes an amazing snack for kids, men, and women. Therefore, I have made this many times for my family. All of them love to eat it. After eating it you will feel full for a long time.Home made Sweets- Dry fruit laddoo in 10 mins:

Let’s get started with the recipe

Ingredients to make Ragi Coconut Lado

  • 1 cup finger millet flour (ragi)
  • 1/4 cup jaggery, powdered
  • 1 cup peanuts, roasted
  • 1/4 cup coconut, grated
  • Total Cook Time30mins
  • Prep Time25 mins

Method to make Ragi Coconut Laddoo

1 First Take a non-stick pan roast the ragi flour. Do this on the low flame. Transfer it to a plate and keep it aside.

2 In the same pan add coconut powder dry roast it. Gradually, the color get changes into golden brown. Turn the flame off and transfer to the plate where we kept the ragi flour in the plate.

3 Jaggery to be added to the same plate.

4) Mix all of the ingredients in a pan like Ragi flour, Coconut, cardamom powder also roasted peanuts. Now make a ball from these Ingredients and make ladoo from it. After making this laddo keep it some time as mentioned Because it to soft it will get a break. It is equally important to keep the laddus at room temperature for 15 minutes. Afterward, then store it in a container.

  • Shelf life of ladoos is 5 days. So do not make in large quantity.

This festive season, let’s choose healthy and guilt-free food options! That is too yummy…

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