raagi malpua

Easy to make Ragi malpua

 Ragi malpua is popularly used in Indian cooking. This is every Indian sweet lover’s delight. it is a rich source of iron.

Ingrediants :

60 gm ragi flour

30 gm wheat flour

1 pinch salt

3 tablespoon refined oil

mixed fruits as required

15 gm oats powder

170 ml milk

80 gm powdered sugar

2 teaspoon honey]]

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Method :

To prepare the Ragi malpua recipe, start by crushing the pistachios into small pieces. Then, take a large bowl and add the grated coconut along with green cardamom powder, crushed pistachios, and honey. Mix it well and keep it aside.

Now, take another bowl and add the ragi flour, oats flour, and wheat flour in it along with a pinch of salt and powdered sugar. Mix them well and then, gradually, add milk to form a smooth batter with the consistency of dosa batter.

Next, take a Tawa over medium flame and heat it. With a ladle, pour some batter on the tawa and spread it to make a circle. Then, drizzle some oil on the edges to avoid sticking and cook for a minute.

Flip the Malpua and cook it for another minute. Don’t overcook them to a crisp, they should be soft. Repeat the process with the remaining batter.

Now, transfer the Ragi Malpuas to a plate, top it with honey and the prepared filling. Garnish with fresh fruits of your choice and enjoy!

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