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Spinach Tomato Savory Pancakes

Spinach Tomato Pancakes is not only a healthy but also a yummy savory dish. It can be either consumed as a part of nutritious breakfast or an evening snack to satiate you hunger. It does not take much time to prepare and also, to cook. Furthermore, is an easy-to-make recipe, with fullness of nutrients. Moreover, all the ingredients used in the preparation are easily available at home. And also, you can never go wrong with a pancake.

You can serve Spinach Tomato Savory Pancakes with either mint coriander chutney or with tamarind-jaggery chutney and enjoy the wholesomeness of a nutritious snack.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Portions: 3-4 pancakes

Ingredients for Tomato spinach pancake:

Tomatoes: ½ cup finely chopped

Spinach: ½ cup finely chopped

Besan (Bengal gram flour): ¾ cup

Onions: ¼ cup finely chopped

Green bell pepper: ¼ cup finely chopped

Green chilies: ½ tsp finely chopped

Dhaniya (coriander leaves): ¼ cup finely chopped

Curd: 2 tbs


Garam Masala: ¼ tsp

Red paprika: ¼ tsp

Hing (asafetida): ¼ tsp

Salt: according to taste

Oil: 2 tsp for cooking

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Method of preparation:

1. To make tomato spinach pancake, firstly, take a big bowl and combine the besan, curd, red paprika, garam masala, hing, salt, and around ½ cup of water. Immediately, Mix the ingredients well by using spoon. If needed, add more water to make a smooth batter.

2. Secondly, Add tomatoes, spinach, onions, green bell pepper, green chilies, and coriander leaves to the mixture and mix well.

3. Thirdly, Heat a non-stick pan or tava on medium flame and grease it with ½ tsp of oil.

4. Then, Pour a ladleful of batter on the tava and spread the batter in a circular motion to make a circle.

5. Lastly, Cook on the medium flame, using ½ tsp of oil, till the pancake becomes golden brown from both sides.

Finally, Serve hot with either mint coriander chutney or with tamarind chutney.

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