Oats Tofu Pancakes

Oats Tofu Pancakes For Breakfast in 10 mins:

Oats Tofu Pancakes is that one dish that is not only loaded with nutrients but also brimming with taste. You can savor it as a breakfast option or as an evening snack, and it won’t disappoint you. It is a wholesome dish rich in protein, and that makes it an amazing choice for a healthy breakfast.

You can make it savory or sweet as you like it. For savory, just add a few vegetables of your choice and serve it with green chutney. Or to make it sweet, you can add honey or maple syrup, freshly cut fruits while serving.

Also, you can add egg if you want, but here in this recipe, we’ll be using buttermilk to make the pancakes. You can also use paneer in place of tofu.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Portion: 4 pancakes

Ingredients for Oats Tofu Pancakes:

To make Oats tofu pancake you need:

Oats: 1 cup

Tofu: 1 cup

Buttermilk: ½ cup

Any vegetable of your choice: ½ cup (Preferably Peas)

Salt: as needed

Baking soda: 1 tsp

Oil: 2 tsp

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Method of preparation:

1 Firstly, Grind one cup of rolled oats into a grinder to make a fine powder.

2 Then, In a blender, add tofu and buttermilk and blend to make a smooth paste.

3 If you are using peas, blanch the peas in hot water and after blanching, add them to the smooth paste of tofu and buttermilk.

4 Secondly, Add oatmeal, salt, and baking soda to this paste and whisk it until it becomes a smooth batter. Make sure there are no lumps in the batter. If you are getting lumps and not able to mix batter properly, add a few spoons of buttermilk to make a thick batter.

5 Furthermore, Heat a non-stick pan on medium flame, grease it with ½ tsp of oil.

6 When the pan is heated, pour a ladleful of batter in the pan and spread it to make a circle.

7 Then, Cook the pancake on a low flame, and when one side is cooked, carefully flip the pancake to the other side and let it cook.

Finally, Your healthy oats tofu pancakes are ready! You can serve it with mint-coriander chutney and enjoy your wholesome meal.

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