What does our Hormones say about our Body type?

Do you know that Hormones play a huge role in your normal functioning? They control heart rate, sleep cycles, sexual function, and reproduction. Your metabolism, appetite, growth and development, mood, stress, and body temperatures are all affected by hormones.

Hormones affect the quality of life of both men and women. When estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, thyroid, and growth hormones are out of whack, so are you.

Everyone has a unique body type and that makes them special. You should know what is your body type. It is very important to know that in which body type your body fits in so that you can get a clear picture and set realistic and achievable fitness goals.

Let’s just discuss and try to understand what are the four body types that are influenced by hormones. By understanding the body types, you will be able to differentiate and compare your body type. And, it will also help you to understand and work towards the issue, if any.

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Adrenal type:

Point no1: Characteristics of adrenal body type is a “sagging belly”. In the type, the fat is coming from a hormone called as cortisol. You might have heard and read about this hormone. It is also known as the stress hormone. Whenever we are under stress, cortisol is released from the adrenal glands. So next time, when you are under stress, remember that cortisol is in action.

Point no2: In this type, it is not necessary that the sagging belly is resulting from diet related issue, but it is generally stress related. That’s the reason why sometimes even after going on a diet, and following a diet plan rigorously, it doesn’t work out as we expect it to. This is majorly because, in order to make the diet plan work, you need to work out the stress out of your body. If you are able to manage stress, you’ve won half of the battle.

Point no3: People with adrenal body type usually have problem in sleeping, in stress responses, in feeling calm, they have memory issue and generally crave for salts and chocolates and crunchy things. They might have allergies and sinuses problems too.

Point no4: The most important recommendation is to reduce the stress and to try getting sound sleep. As of diet, adrenal body type people should not be advised a low protein diet. If you are an adrenal type, then you should consume protein in each meal. Also, in this type, potassium reserves of the body are generally depleted by the stress. So, diet should be rich in potassium and vegetarian sources are enough to replenish potassium stores of the body.

It is very important to reduce your stress levels. Practice meditation and yoga. Try to indulge in your favorite hobby or activity. Do something that excites you and alleviates your mood!

Adrenal type- Sagging belly

Thyroid type:

Characteristics of thyroid type are the ones which have weight present all over and not just in a particular area. They will have problems of hair loss, loose skin, thinning of hair, and generally crave carbohydrates, sugars, and alcohol.

If a person is diagnosed with thyroid and even after being on medication, he/she is not getting any better, that is known as secondary thyroid.

Let’s discuss the primary thyroid. Primary thyroid condition usually comes from too much estrogen, from having heavy periods or from the environment or it could also come from the digestive issue with gall bladder release. The gall bladder issue means that the liver is not able to work properly and is not able to produce enough bile. Bile is a digestive fluid produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder, which is very important in breaking down fats during digestion. Bile is also required to convert T4 to T3 (hormones produced by the thyroid gland). So you don’t have those active converting factors, in other words, around 80% of the thyroid is controlled by the conversion of T4 to T3 through the liver by the gall bladder.

There can be three issues that result in thyroid type:

1 Estrogen

2 Liver issue involving gall bladder

3 stress adrenal issue

If you develop an autoimmune disorder, such as Hashimoto’s or Graves’s disease, then there is a chance that these disorders may come from adrenal, because most of all autoimmune cases are stemmed from the cause of adrenal.

The diet for thyroid type should be according to the underlining issue, like if the problem is with the liver, then the diet should be in accordance with foods that support the liver. If it is related to estrogen, then foods should be the ones that can support estrogen balance and the same goes for the stress-related issue. Diet and recommendations totally depend on the source of the problem.

Thyroid type- All over weight

Liver type:

Liver type is mainly seen in men and is characterized with a protruding belly or as we can say a pot belly. It can also happen in women. People with this type generally have itchy skin and have digestive problems such as bloating and flatulence. They crave for fried foods of any kind.

General recommendations include, not consuming alcohol as it destroys liver and its function. Those with this type, do not do very well on high protein diets and therefore should not consume a high protein diet. They do well on vegetarian diets and so there should be an increase in the servings of fruits and vegetables in the diet.

So, if you think your body is in this type, try to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.

Liver type- Protruding Belly

Ovary type:

Characteristics of ovary type are the ones with the more weight in hips and little below the belly button. Such type has estrogen dominant case and needs to support estrogen balance. They generally have menstrual problems, hot flashes and ovary related issues. They crave for creamy foods such as milk products. Cruciferous vegetables are one of the key foods to consume. One should not consume highly processed commercial foods and foods rich in sugar, salts and fats.

Ovary type- More weight in hips and thighs

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