Sumana Chakraborty

Sumana Chakraborty Yoga Instructor

Sumana Chakraborty is working with Fitpiq as a Yoga Coach. She has completed her certification teacher training in Yoga with a 2 yrs diploma course from the world yoga society. Her passion is to help people explore the real essence of true and authentic Yoga. She is a passionate yoga teacher and has a decade-plus experience in teaching Yoga to different age groups. She has learned various Yoga forms and acquired in-depth knowledge about postures, breathing techniques, and naturopathy.

Sumana is eager to help you improved your wellness through various yoga techniques and other fitness-related classes. She is a 1 on 1 yoga coach as well as conducts group classes with Fitpiq.
Her primary motive is to design a customized plan and help people correct their lifestyle eventually by implementing a good Yoga practice. Sumana Chakraborty helps people get both mentally as well as physically fit.

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