Easy recipe of Low FODMAP Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa is a thin yet fluffy, lacy and light, this Neer Dosa recipe yields a breakfast that you’re sure to love. Also known as neer dose, these super soft and tasty Indian crepes are made with a handful of ingredients – rice, water and salt. They also just so happen to be naturally gluten free and vegan, making them the perfect menu item for LOW FODMAP Category.

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What is Neer Dosa

Neer dosa are is a popular dosa variant from the Indian state of Karnataka. “Neer” means “water” in the Tulu language, meaning this dish is literally known as “water dosa.” They are so named because the batter is quite thin and watery, unlike the usual thick dosa batter. And also they dont required fermentation.


  1. Rice ¼ cup gms
  2. Coconut ¼ cup
  3. Salt to taste


  • Soak rice for 4 to 6 hours and drain all the water
  • Grate the coconut without the outer skin
  • Blend rice and coconut to make a smooth paste
  • Use only 1 tablespoon water while blenderising
  • Add water till the batter becomes of water like consistency
  • Add salt as per taste
  • Heat the cast iron tawa or a non-stick dosa tawa and pour the batter and roast on both sides till there is mesh like appearance
  • Serve the dosa with dry potato vegetable and tomato chutney


Batter Consistency

  • Keep in mind that the batter consistency for neer dosa should be runny, watery, thin and flowing. It should not be thick or with a medium consistency. If the batter has a pouring consistency, then you will get lacy appearance of neer dose. If you cannot easily pour the batter, then you’ll need to add some more water to thin it down.
  • A thicker batter or a very thin batter will make for cracks in the neer dosa. So make sure to have a pourable, thin consistency.

Cooking Neer Dose

  • You do need to heat the skillet or tawa very well before you pour the batter. Keep the heat to medium or medium-high. Remember to use a well seasoned cast iron tawa or skillet, so that the batter does not stick. 
  • Before making each neer dose, stir the batter very well with the ladle as the ground rice particles tends to settle over time.

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