Different kinds of Healthy Paratha recipes Collection

Paratha is a unleavened flatbread which is prepared by adding all the ingredients to the dough or by stuffing them. They are healthy and quick options for tiffins. This is a native dish of South Asia and it is basically originated in Peshawar from where they spread throughout the Indian subcontinent. Firstly It began as a wholesome breakfast in Peshawar where people would just buy this bread early in the morning while leaving for work, and later they gained so much popularity in Punjab and the rest of the India where they created their own versions of Peshawari paratha.

Many verities like tawa, ajwain or jeera paratha etc are usually served with curry (gravy dishes) or dal as a meal. While other stuffed version are serve as a breakfast with yogurt, pickle, chutneys or raita. Other simple, not stuffed verities can be served with tea or coffee as a breakfast. For me it is a healthy and super quick option for my Husband and kid’s lunch box.

It is so versatile dish that it can be served on different occasions with different sides. It depends on the personal preferences.

Now lets start with Various different paratha recipes….You must try these yummy paratha’s immediately !!!

1. Pizza Parathas

Pizza Paratha: Indian-Italian Fusion Recipe - Delishably

This is a Healthy twist for a Pizza. Pizza is one of everyone’s favorite dishes. A hot, cheesy pizza loaded with your favorite veggies is one of the most fun to eat with your loved ones. Pizza parathas is one that is going to be everyone’s favorite.

But who would have thought that pizza can be made into delicious and moreover nutritious parathas eventually. Yes, you heard it right. These parathas are innovative dishes which can easily replace your monotonous plain or simple stuffed one’s or chapati. Moreover The plus point of pizza parathas is that it does not only satisfy your cravings but your satiety level as well. The aroma and taste of this is amazingly good. 

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2. Sprouts Parathas

Sprouted Moong Paratha recipe by Ritu Gupta at BetterButter

A Sprouts Paratha is a perfect breakfast recipe to begin your day with and can be enjoyed with items such as curd, pickle, and even butter. One such recipe that can be cooked is Mixed Sprouts. This delicious bread is made with mixed sprouts wrapped in a crispy dough that is cooked fully. This main dish recipe is really mouth-watering and can easily be cooked at home.  Its made with a few ingredients and this easy recipe can be made without taking too much valuable time.

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3. Broccoli Parathas

Broccoli Cheese Paratha - Cooking by Instinct

Have you ever heard about this unique recipe earlier ? Broccoli Parathas are healthy and full of nutritious. Broccoli is low-fat helps in weight loss and helps in controlling diabetes. This has properties to solve hormone-related problems. Tasty and delicious recipes can be served in morning breakfast and dinner.

Broccoli is high in many nutrients, including fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, and potassium. It is full protein .

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4. Winter Stuffed parathas

11 Delicious Paratha Recipes That Are Healthy To Boot!

You must have tried many types of stuffed parathas. But have you tried our winter stuffed paratha. Not yet? Then you should try this amazing flatbread recipe which surpasses all your expectations related to its taste as well as nutritional value. Our this recipe is super delicious. It is made up with the goodness of various ingredients such as wheat flour, spinach, carrot, beetroot, potato, coriander leaves, paneer, capsicum and also a perfect blend of Indian spices. It is a filling flatbread recipe and has flavors of all vegetables, making it an ideal your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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5. Egg Bhurji Parathas

Egg bhurji with Paratha - Posts | Facebook

This is a very healthy, Palatable and most unique paratha packed with the power of protein. By the way Eggs are my all time favorite, cooked any way poached, boiled, soft boiled, sunny side up, omelletes but my fav is scrambled, with lots of veggies and corn with a dash of black pepper. Better if sandwiched in toasted bread. I can eat eggs in every season throughout the year.

So lets start with the recipe of 

6. Green Peas Parathas


Hara matar or Green peas paratha is one of the most favorite stuffed parathas cooked in our houses. They are easy to make, filling, and healthy to eat. You can have them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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7. Cauliflower mint Paratha

Gobhi Paratha With Mint Chutney recipe | Mamta Rastogi recipes | Recipebook

Parathas are traditionally delicious and indulgent, but surprisingly you can give them a healthy twist and turn them into the perfect addition to your weight-loss plan. Try to imagine a proper paratha for breakfast, and you will inevitably think of an indulgent food experience: the crispy flour shell glistening with a layer of butter or ghee, the stuffing spiced and chock full of flavours, and a finger-licking spread of pickles, chutneys, curd and lassi to go with it.

Now, imagine you are starting a weight loss plan to become truly fit and healthy. You are trying to cut all the food items that are excessive from your diet. And try this

8. Moong papad parathas


Papad Paratha- In India we make numerous types of paratha’s on regular basis. Paratha’s are made mainly with either wheat flour or refined flour . But multigrain flour, gram flour, ragi flour, bajra, maaki and many other flours are also used seasonally. This papad paratha is for those people who like spicy food. When you want to ditch common parathas like other parathas, you must try this one too. Papad is rich in flavors and taste. We have eaten papad mostly roasted or fried, but this is a new way to have papad in your food. It will give your palate an unique taste.

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9. Paneer Paratha


This is a popular Punjabi paratha made with a stuffing of paneer Coriander and green chilies. This very popular Punjabi breakfast and serve in all over the country .

Actually these paneer parathas are full of ghee and butter but here we provide you healthy as well as the tasty buttering of option for the same. So For further Healthy recipe click on

10. Mooli Palak Parathas


As , mooli and Palak are very nutritious to our health and there nutritive values plays very important role for our health issues as well as most importantly with the lower hemoglobin levels for anemic persons And this palak mooli parartha will strengthen it. Additionally , This palak mooli flatbread will help you to rich many essential nutrients which body requires .Calcium content is also very high so can be very beneficial for old age ,helpful in calcium content concerned with osteoporosis and brittle bone issues Moreover it is also very yummy tasty parathas helpful in digestion also so just take some time and make this easy recipe at home and enjoy your meals

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11. Stuffed Bajra Vegetable Parathas


Pearl Millet Flatbread is a gluten free Paratha/flatbread made using gluten free Bajra Flour and stuffed with potato and other vegetable’s and It is a winter special food enjoyed by the North Indians. Bajra flour or atta good for diabetes, it has high amounts of magnesium in it, due to which it helps control the glucose receptors in the body. Another great benefit of eating bajra is that it detoxifies your body.


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